How hard it is to land a job in Dubai, U.A.E?

I arrived last February 11, 2014 in the amazing city of Dubai. Finally, i’ve got to experience it first hand … what they are all raving about.

Like most cities around the world, night time is a playtime for the eyes, it’s captivating city lights will capture your fancy. Moving fast cars, represents how life is so fast-paced in this cosmopolitan metropolis.

My wife and Ate (elder sister) picked me up at the airport. I left the Philippines carrying most of my photography equipment , an xbox console, a dj hero , documents that i have acquired since birth and some clothing. I also left one of the most important person in my life ,my one and only son Enzo. We promised him that in a few months time we will be able to petition him once I nailed a job here in Dubai.

My wife has been working here for a year and was able to get a job in a span of 2-3 weeks upon her arrival. I’ts a given fact that girls, women, ladies have a higher chance of getting hired here easily. For whatever reasons , I really don’t know, maybe Dubai is a friendly place for girls (please correct if i am wrong).

We arrived at my wife’s place it’s a beautiful building , below it is a 24/7 convenience grocery store. The place does have an elevator, neat , that’s what I told myself.
We have gotten to her room and was not surprised because I was told before that foreign workers here are used to living in rooms or partitions as they called it. Now that’s one of the most inconvenient truth about living here in Dubai. The monthly rent will kill you , to think that 30-40% of your earnings will go to your rent. Here is the math… basic salary here for entry-level post may cost around 2k-3k dirhams , a room for 2persons may cost 1.5k – 2k. Most partitions provides a wifi connection, free usage of gas, water , centralized airconditioning system, some will charge you with “dewa” or the electric usage , while some owners will have dewa included in your rent.

Approaching my 3rd week now and still there’s no clear vision of where I am going. I have printed more than a hundred pages of paper for my resume, so far only 3 had called me for an interview. I am still considering the fact that I need to earn at least 4,000 aed a month. The offers that I received ranged from 2500 -3500. Also I’ve got an aching foot from going to different company offices to drop my resume, sometimes I need to go back again for at least 3x a week to drop my resumes again, thinking that it’s like a raffle draw or lottery, “the more entries the more chances of winning” as I joked myself.

I’m still optimistic of what I’m going through now. I believe that in my next post it will be a different one. I ain’t losing hope and I do believe after my visit visa and start my visa extension, I’ll be able to find a job that will suit me , pay my bills, helped my wife and bring my son here to the UAE. Cheers!022714- (1 of 1)-9